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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

  The Best Seats In Cathay Pacific's Boeing 777-300ER Airlines

Airplane Boeing 777-300ER Cathay Pacific of going further and convert more mainstay of fleet of airlines belonging to the old 747s jumborg retired.

You'll find them in most connections from Hong Kong, particularly to European destinations.

International flights to Australia and Hong Kong using Airbus A330, which we've mapped from best seats in business class Cathay to convert new SIM-style business class and an old cubicle premium economy.

No two 777-300ER configuration, in the squadron of the price changes are first class advance UK firms and two jumps before completely business and make special economic and economic.

You can tell which version you are using far too much business back-if it stretches beyond 23 row, which is the version that contains the layer. If the end row of business is row 23, that's the version with Premium Economy.

In fairness, what is good about the price of a new business class is a seat not inputted is rare. But there are some particularly good seats that you might want to block if you have and to avoid.

We share our recommendations from through, whether your plane is the version with or without first class.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

  2019 Hottest Cathay Pacific's Youngest Fleet

Largest airline in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd., which plans to increase the size of its fleet and replace older and less efficient aircraft little by little upsets to his Boeing 747, said its general manager for Southeast Asia, Wilson Yam.

He said the airline is planning one of the world's youngest, most-efficient wide-body passenger fleets 2019 function.

"We will be gradual abolition of 747s. We are very concerned about the environment. We want to be friendly to the environment and economical aircraft, "Yam told reporters after the launch of the airline the fourth daily flight between Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong yesterday.

"Of course, we may want to incorporate more but much depends on market conditions," he said, adding that the current order is for 94 aircraft is provided by 2019. Cathay Pacific currently has 133 aircraft, while of the Group fleet, including that of Dragon Air, aircraft, passengers and cargo on 178 State.

The airline took delivery of six 777-300ERs, three Airbus A330-300s stunt plane and four 747-8F freighters in 2011.

Cathay Pacific sees 2012 as a challenging due to the uncertainty in the global economic environment, but is confident that it will be able to meet the challenges of investing in new products and increasing frequency, particularly in Asia.

"2012 will continue to be challenging as the demand is picking up, especially not for front-end seats. Also we do not see signs of a rise in the company include cargo. The perfect storm for airlines" Yam said.

Meanwhile, Cathay Pacific flights between in Hong Kong will also be increased to 10 times a week from seven previously.

New services bringing the total number of flights between Malaysia and Hong Kong to 38 times per week.
Cathay Pacific posted a net profit of 5.5 billion Hong Kong dollars (RM 2.2 billion) in 2011, compared with a record HK $ 2.05 billion in 2010.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

  Virgin Lounge and Extra Flights for Hobart

As piece of its shove to woo business travellers, Virgin Australia will open a new business class lounge at Hobart airport.

The airline will also provide additional daily service between Hobart and Melbourne by September.

Virgin Australia has said that his aim because flights to Tasmania, which in 2001 was the competition on the market.

"With our worldwide airline coalition partners and the opening of premium services such as business class and airport lounges, they are now able to cater to new markets, with business and high-end leisure travellers," Virgin Australia chief executive John Borghetti said.

The latest 75-seater lounge will open at the Hobart Airport Domestic fatal in 2013 and will offer business amenities, entertainment and a Luke Mangan-designed buffet, he said.

The airline will also initiate their priority-boarding services, which consist of a divide, dedicated lane at the boarding gate that enables premium visitors to board when they like. The service will be obtainable on all flights departing Hobart from March 23.

Virgin Australia Airlines Boeing 737 yet said its last due to be delivered in may, will be named Hobart's Sandy Bay.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

  Three Virgin Airlines Award in the Global

The world's 3 Virgin airlines - Virgin Australia, Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic - are joining services via their regular flyer programs.

Program members may Virgin Australia speed already earn points and credits when traveling on Virgin America flights and Virgin Atlantic and also trade in their miles of speed on a ticket with their overseas siblings.

Though, the same double directions ' earn and burn ' contract now applies to members of the Virgin America raise and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club programmers.

The result is a system of global frequent flyer, which can allow very often the leaflets to consolidate their points by Virgin Airlines and replace them on what would be in the round the world Virgin ticket.

"Virgin goes all the way!" proclaimed by Sir Richard Branson, who make the Virgin mega-brand and owns a stake in each of the three airlines.

"Virgin got into the airline business three decades ago to offer great value and a great experience. Today, travelers, however, choose to Virgin, for the same reason: why we do things differently. I am thrilled that we now can reward our loyal customers with the ability to fly around the world in Virgo.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

  Flying Virgin Atlantic Top class seats Airbus A340

Flying Virgin Atlantic premium economy from Sydney to Hong Kong, or on from Hong Kong to London? The newest in AusBT's in wide-ranging strings of leads to choosing the most excellent seat on the plane is here to aid you to get the foremost out of your journey.

The plane and cabin

Virgin Atlantic is one among your 3 best cost-cutting measure choices between Sydney and Hong Kong (and one among four, with British Airways added, on the general Sydney-London route).

You will be able to find in thirty-eight premium economy seats on board in a remarkably 2-3-2 arrangement, beginning simply in front of the wing of the stretched A340-600 plane.

Each seat has an AC outlet however it's one among those oddly shaped empower openings so you'll want to be stuffing the proper adaptor for your laptop or tablet.

The best seats on the plane

18A 18C 18H 18K: despite the seat map's layout, these are bulkhead seats with a wall in front (as shown below) rather than exit row seats you can really stretch out in.

That said, they're still the best on board. While you might be disturbed by a baby at the front of the cabin, it's not like the premium economy zone is really big enough for you to avoid that anyway.

18D 18F 18G: these centre three bulkhead seats are a decent deal since the middle seat can nip out without disturbing the aisle passengers.

The worst seats on the plane

23D 23G 22D 22C 22G 22H: these aisle seats right next to the lavatories are a definite no.

Rows 21-23: the rest of these three rows aren't quite as bad, but they're still further back in the cabin -- and thus closer to the relatively noisy loos.

F seats: skip the middle of the three seats if you can and go for an aisle instead.

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