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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

  Lufthansa Opening Special Travel System for SMEs

The airline is set to accommodate easier upgrades and faster and added banknote aback offers a part of others beneath its Star Alliance Company Plus (SACP) programmer to accredit SMEs to abate the amount of their business travel.

"Lufthansa has consistently partnered little and average enterprises in India and these enhancements are yet addition footfall in this direction. The new programmer delivers added value, authoritative business biking added rewarding," Lufthansa South Asia administrator Axel Hilgers said in an account here.

SACP associates from India can adore easier upgrades from February 1 with a five-fold access in the amount of banknote backs through an abundant accessory in the earning ability of their accolade points, the account said.

Membership for SACP is charge less and requires no minimum turnover. Coupled with these benefits, associates of common flyer programmers of accommodating airlines will abide to aggregate afar on their alone programmer with anniversary flight.

SACP credibility can be adored for charge less flights and charge less upgrades beyond all accommodating airlines, as able-bodied as charge less balance baggage on Lufthansa-operated flights, it said.

These allowances extend beyond the aggregate arrangement of six Star Alliance ally - Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian Airlines, bmi, Air Canada and United Airlines - offering s a greater best of flights, smoother access and harmonized schedules, the account added.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

  Greatest Worldwide Business Class for Australian Business Travellers

This accepted one of the toughest categories to judge, which in itself is acceptable account for business travelers!

There was affluence of to and fro in emails, on Skype babble sessions and over the odd canteen of red as the Australian Business Traveller Awards console advised up their aggregate biking adventures throughout 2011.

Despite absorbing flat-bed offerings from Emirates and Etihad, Qantas' abiding Sky bed II and Cathay Pacific's absorbing new business class seat, it was harder to go accomplished the advanced covering seats of Singapore Airlines' Airbus A380.

Each of these awe-inspiring sumo-sized benches is an abounding 34 inches across, and the ample 1-2-1 blueprint ensures every commuter has absolute admission to the aisle.

SQ's affably alert account charcoal aboriginal rate, as do the commons and wines served in-flight.

Add claimed accumulator nooks, a bendable affection bedding and calamus pillows in lie-flat approach and this is, indeed, a abundant way to fly.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

  KLM Airlines to insinuate 'Social Seating' Service

Looking to carry out some in-flight networking? KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is scheduling to inaugurate a "social seating" tune-up, where passengers will be able to link their social media profile to their check-in information, and then opt for a seating partner based on the social media profiles of other passengers.

This service, which KLM look forward to launch in the next year, will be accessible to all passengers read-through in online, and it depends upon the passengers to prefer whether they want their social media profiles to be made available to others on the flight. The social seating concept - sharing profiles from Facebook or LinkedIn - could generate firm networking opportunities for business travelers, as reported by Radio Netherlands.

The service has not yet been 'officially' announced, but was discussed by a top executive at a recent conference.

What do you think? Will passengers want to open their social profiles to other (unknown) passengers in the hopes of expanding their network?

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Monday, December 12, 2011

  An Emirate Introduces In-Flight Internet on Airbus A380s

Emirates are rolling out the in-flight Internet carpeting to cartage on its agile of Airbus A380s. Travelers will be able to affix their Smartphone, book or laptop to wireless hotspots dotted about the cool colossal and taps into in-flight Internet account provided by On Air.

Plans will alpha at US$7.50 for smart phones and tablets, with US$15 for laptops - the laptop amalgamation comes with what Emirates promises will be "generous abstracts packages", although the airline has not yet appear how abounding megabytes you get for your money. 

The account will be retrofitted assimilate 11 of Emirates' 19 Airbus A380s already in service. All approaching Emirates A380s - of which there are a massive 71 on adjustment - will as well be kitted out for wireless Internet. 

Emirates began trialing the account on called A380s beforehand this year and according to Patrick Brannelly, Emirates' Vice President of Corporate Communications, "as a aftereffect of our testing, we were able to apprentice a lot about what humans like to do with the internet in-flight and are admiring to be able to barrage with actual affordable appraisement options."

"Emirates recognize that getting affiliated in-flight is more important abnormally on our best flights" Brannelly continued. "Adding internet admission is traveling to be a basic and all-over allotment of any in-flight experience, just as it is in accustomed activity on the ground."

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

  Lufthansa Airbus A380 Double-Decker Jet

A mammoth double-deck jet listed to start flying in and out of Houston next summer will require more than $30 million in upgrades at shrub Intercontinental Airport and should boost passenger traffic.

German carrier Lufthansa announced Wednesday that it will begin flying the Airbus A380 - the world's biggest commercial airplane, with 526 passenger seats - on daily flights to and from Frankfurt starting Aug. 1. The plane will replace the 747-400 currently used on those flights, rising capacity by 63 percent per trip.

"It's like you're airborne two aircraft with one, in a way," Lufthansa spokeswoman Christina Semmel said.

The airline said the new plane will benefit energy-related business travel by rising capacity to Frankfurt, where Lufthansa has connections to more than 35 other energy centers.

At Bush, which will be the first Texas airport to host the A380, enthusiastic officials said renovations are already under way to prepare for the jet that is 79 feet tall with a wingspan stretching more than 261 feet, or most of the length of a football field.

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